Life Transition Planners, Inc. is a financial advisory and wealth management practice focused on our clients and their life goals. We listen to understand their true passions and obligations, then offer practical solutions to help them live their best life. We help clients understand how the choices they might be considering will expand or limit their options, and we offer our experienced guidance to help clients select the right moves to help them realize their dreams.

Some new clients want to talk with us about what they can do to manage their resources in their working years to ensure an income stream in retirement, while others want to know where they should invest college money for their children and grandchildren, how to invest and protect their assets when starting a new relationship, or how to keep the vacation home in the family. Still others want help deciding among the different retirement vehicles for their small and growing business, if a reverse mortgage makes sense for them or their aging parents, or if long-term care insurance is right for them.  Less frequently, people meet us for the first time when life has thrown them a curve ball such as the death of a parent or illness of a spouse, an unexpected pink slip at the office, or a reason to wonder if they have enough insurance such as after just missing a natural disaster.

Founded in Littleton, CO in 2000 by Gary Sidder, Ph.D., CFP®, Life Transition Planners has grown to include divorce and financial planner, Deb Johnson, ChFC, and Bob Holland, CFP®, along with a staff of four dedicated to helping our clients accumulate, manage, and preserve their wealth.

Each of the planners at Life Transition Planners have received the Five Star Professional Award. Gary Sidder, Phd, CFP has won the award for five years in a row from 2009-2013. Deb Johnson won the award in 2012 and Bob Holland won the award the past three years from 2011-2013. The Five Star Award recognizes wealth managers who satisfy 10 objective elligibility requirements associated with advisors who provide high quality service to their clients.

You have a choice of advisors.  Call Life Transition Planners at 303.933.6226 today to confirm that we are the best choice for you. 


To receive the 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager award, researched and managed by Five Star Professional, a wealth manager must meet 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria associated with wealth managers who provide quality services to their clients.  A total of 2,083 wealth managers in the Denver area were considered for the award.  Approximately 30%, or 607, were named 2013 Five Star Wealth Managers, which represents less than 4% of the total wealth managers in the Denver area.  Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of 2013 Five Star Wealth Managers.  The Five Star award is not indicative of the wealth manager's future performance.