Why Choose Life Transition Planners?

Because your time is valuable, and we’ll make working with us easy.

If you want your decisions and choices to have deeper roots and more structure, you will find a shared vision at Life Transition Planners.  Our passion is helping clients determine their financial planning goals, putting a plan in place to help them meet their goals, and then monitoring the plan and our client’s progress towards their goals.  We meet with most clients at least twice a year to update them on their progress and for them to update us on any changes we need to consider in their plan.

We study market developments, world events, and current affairs to offer context for the financial decisions clients make during their lifetime.  We help clients select from a broad range of services and products to help them meet their specific needs, and we help educate them as to why these choices are right for them.

When you want a trusted advisor and partner to help allocate your resources, we’ll be your companion. With so much to do in one’s life, we have found that many successful people enjoy diverse interests and that money management and financial planning are sometimes not one of them.  We collaborate with individuals and families who want more freedom in their lives and are willing to give up activities that they don’t do, don’t want to do, or are not inclined to do very well.

Finally, you might choose us because forgetting is human.  When you have doubts about your strategy or the outcomes, we will be here with our professional financial advice.  We’ll remind you to stay the course when markets are turbulent or life throws a curve ball.  You might have forgotten what it is like to have someone committed to helping you succede.  We stand ready to remind you.

When you need a plan for life’s transitions – call Life Transition Planners at 303-933-6226.