Who We Are and How We Help:

Most of us expect our lives to be in constant motion, yet unexpected challenges often bring difficulties that may throw our entire lives into turmoil.  At Life Transition Planners, our advisors examine our clients’ situation closely and help them personally prepare for some of life’s inevitable changes.  We help them develop and monitor a financial plan that reflects the changes they might expect with the flexibility to respond to those they hope might never happen.

It is important to us that we understand our client’s true passions, their specific situation, and the resources they have available to fulfill the dreams they have for their life.  We look at important aspects of their life to let them know where they stand in relation to their goals.  We identify strengths and potential shortcomings and offer concrete solutions to mitigate possible difficulties.  We help them understand if they are on track to take an early retirement option, to send the kids to college, or purchase their first home.

Our process considers many of life’s transitions.  Clients may be considering retirement, changing jobs or a career, perhaps a first or second marriage, starting a family, divorce, becoming an empty-nester, or selling a business.  Maybe they are called to become a caregiver or to settle an estate, or are worried that they might outlive their assets.  Some may possess the good fortune to begin the process of wealth transfer while they are alive and want to do what’s best for their heirs.  We show clients their options surrounding these critical events and the best strategies for financing them.

At Life Transition Planners, we help clients chart the course from where they are to where they want to be, and we offer a full range of services to facilitate the passage.