Our Services

Financial Planning:

We listen as our clients describe their individual and financial goals and examine how they currently manage property, liability, and loss of income risks.  We look at their investments, their current and future tax strategies and insurance coverages along with their retirement and estate planning.  With our help, our clients have a clearer picture of where they stand in relation to their goals, the reasonable expenses it takes to reach them, and any trade-offs they are likely to consider for the future they envision.

This information is the basis of their financial plan which outlines some of the steps we take together to accomplish their goals.  Our recommendations and their options may include reducing expenses, beefing up their employment income, revising their insurance, or changing the allocations in their investments.   It might involve a fresh look at their tax situation and their estate plan to confirm that they have maximized all possible benefits.

Next, we execute what we have created together.  Here, their discipline and perseverance to reach their goals gets activated.  It may involve automatic withdrawals from their paycheck, finishing their will, returning to school to increase their income, refinancing their home, or bringing their children or parents into the picture as they consider future needs for care.   We introduce them to specialized professionals such as estate planning attorneys, CPAs, mortgage brokers, property and casualty insurance brokers, or business valuation consultants, if necessary, or work alongside their current advisory team of tax advisors, attorneys, and other professionals.  Our team helps them stay the course, focused on the big goals they have set for themselves and their lives, and we focus on implementing the strategies to make them happen.

Retirement Planning:

Any consideration of life’s goals naturally leads to those they hope for as retirement nears.  Is travel, time with their family, or a second career part of their dreams for retirement?  Do they know what their expenses might be and where the money will come from or how much they will be required to withdraw when they reach 70 ½?  At Life Transition Planners, we help analyze the costs and expenses clients may encounter in retirement and detail investing strategies to help them realize income in retirement.

Education Planning:

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children and grandchildren is help with tuition expenses for higher education.  The impact of education on earning power is well known, and by beginning early to save and invest for the future, assets enjoy the benefit of compounding.  We assist our clients in deciding which savings vehicles best meet their student’s objectives.

Insurance Planning and Risk Management:

We review our clients’ insurance coverage for life, disability, long-term care, as well as property and casualty.  We help them see where they might be exposed to more risk than they might be prepared to fund from their assets, and we help structure coverage for those risks they are unwilling to assume.  We’ll talk about longevity risk - the fact that they might be living for a very long time withdrawing from their assets - and we offer strategies to offset the risk of outliving them.

Tax Planning:

We assist in creating a plan to minimize the amount of tax payable in any given year while complying with all applicable tax laws in effect.  This might involve issues regarding their mortgage structure, when to exercise their stock options or sell securities, and when and if they might consider beginning a gifting program to their heirs during their lifetime.  We coordinate with their tax advisor or recommend one of our professional colleagues with whom we’ve worked many years.

Investment Planning:

We make recommendations regarding their assets and deploying them to reach their dreams.  Our investment planning process starts with the financial plan to determine how much risk we can afford to take to make their assets last a lifetime and how much we need to take to help them meet their goals.  We conduct detailed research to identify the best investments for their risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, and financial goals.  We study the markets and their cycles to refine ideas and concepts that support successful investment outcomes.  We monitor performance and its impact on their long-term plan, and we share these considerations at least quarterly and as often as they like to meet with us.

Estate Planning:

We work with our clients to address their estate planning needs.  We are always available for a meeting with their attorney or one of our professional colleagues with whom we’ve worked many years to help craft their estate planning documents.  We make sure that their affairs are comprehensively addressed.

To learn more or to schedule a complimentary review with one of our advisors, kindly call Life Transition Planners at 303-933-6226.