Meet the Team

When you choose a financial advisor, consider what qualities will help position you for long-term financial success.  The right advisor should have a combination of solid financial planning and investment experience, a demonstrated concern that your economic interest is the first priority in the relationship, and have access to financial planning tools, investments, and brokerage services.  Additionally, the right advisors partner with caring staff to bring you a full range of services to help you reach your goals.

Gary, Steve, and Jim, the three principal planners, share clients in order to provide the best expertise to all clients.  James Richmond, Tabetha Meier, and Will Levine from LTP and Jenny Kast, Jacquie Albertsen, Mary Vigil, and Gayle Barnett from ERSI all support the principals and assist our clients. 

To learn more about Gary, simply click the on his blue link name:  Gary Sidder

James Richmond started his 15th year with LTP in October 2017.  As Operations Manager, James touches all paperwork signed by clients. He is a great source of innovations that facilitate communication with our clients, streamline our operations and improve our clients' overall experience. 

Tabetha started with LTP in January 2013.  In addition to assisting James with paperwork and assisting the planners in preparation for client meetings, Tabetha also works to keep LTP compliant with correspondence, tracking money movements in and out of client accounts, and other items required by firm and regulator policies.

Will Levine had his fourth anniversary with LTP in February 2018.  Will is training to become a full-fledged planner.